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10 Surefire Tips to Get You Your Uninterrupted Beauty Sleep

Ancient beauty manuals, modern beauty gurus, as well as dermatologists, in short, all the professionals even remotely related to healthcare and beauty advice have stressed on to beauty sleep as essential for your sustained glow. Yet, the modern times and the related stress of it, makes it almost impossible to guarantee that you get your eight hours of uninterrupted snooze time. The many consequences to this status include

  • Skin disorders
  • Digestive disorders
  • Lack luster skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Marks on the skin
  • inconsistent appetite
  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss

These are just to name a few of your disadvantages to losing sleep. However, sleep deprivation has been ultimately linked to many major health disorders and lifestyle disease like cholesterol, high blood pressure and hypo/hyper glycaemia. There are however, ways to ensure that you not only get your sleep but also improve the quality of your resting as well as eliminate harmful toxins from your body. Simple adjustments to your lifestyle and some added precautions might spell the difference between a glowing, vibrant you and your status of lack luster appearance.

Beauty Sleep

The idea is to understand the root cause of your losing sleep. Here are 10 surefire tips that will enhance the quality of your sleep and help you figure out the base culprit behind your mild insomnia.

Routine yourself for uninterrupted beauty sleep

Your body fine-tunes itself to routines. So if you schedule to sleep at 10 pm every day, after a time you will invariably fall asleep at that time. You can include a few more extra steps to your routine to further improve the quality of your sleep. You can include a warm shower right before bed. An overnight face mask can also help deal with your most pressing beauty issues.

No-No to after hour booze

After hour, boozing can actually affect your sleep patterns. It can become harder to digest the alcohol for your body and that might just throw your sleep cycle out of whack. Yes, there are some exceptions, at times. For instance, brandy or wine occasionally might actually help boost your feel good hormones. However, making it a daily habit will put pressure on your weight, might also lead to bloating and indigestion which will ultimately hamper your sleep. Say no to alcohol after the early evening hours.

Exercise in the day

The body needs to be relaxed for sleep and exercise shoots up the adrenaline in the body. This will make it harder for you to go to sleep immediately after a workout. So, instead of a late evening routine, start your day with your workout. Ironically though, light stretching exercises before you go to sleep can actually increase the relaxed feeling in your limbs. It can be easier to fall asleep and you can wake up more in tune with your body.

Toasty glass of milk before bed

A small glass of warm milk helps to relax your body. It will help you cool your digestive fires and provide your body with tryptophan, which induces sleep. Many of you might be in the habit of drinking cold milk before you go to sleep. However, warming it a bit actually makes it easier to digest. It also helps create a lining in your stomach which prevents you from feeling hunger cramps immediately after you wake up.

The Caffeine pitfall can hamper your beauty sleep

Coffee late at night is a no brainer for poor sleep patterns but ideally you should limit your intake even after the late afternoon to ensure your body has processed the caffeine and it does not interfere with your night of sleep. Please remember that caffeine is not just limited to coffee, in this case caffeinated drinks such as cola or tea also count. You can choose to drink decaffeinated tea in the evenings if you absolutely must have some before you need to go to sleep.

Say No to smoking

Nicotine is just as bad for your sleep pattern as caffeine. It is better to just say no to smoking but if that is not an ideal scenario for you, at least limit your intake after the late afternoon. You can also decide to abstain just for half a day if you are thinking about quitting the habit. This can help you improve your sleep pattern while taking you well ahead in the way to kicking the habit for good.

No smoking for beauty sleep

No gadgets to bed

Gadgets and technology, while making your life simpler, also increase chaos. So, refrain from taking them in to your bedroom when you are getting ready to wind down for the day. While that might seem like a herculean task you can simply start by limiting your access to multiple devices during bed. Simply wind down with your eBook reader, if you absolutely must have an electronic device as you are trying to fall asleep.

Temper your bedroom

Your body requires an ideal temperature to wind down and settle for a good session of beauty sleep. Studies have proven that a temperature range between 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit is the the most suitable for this purpose. If you do not have a thermostat to regulate the room temperature, take an ice pack or a heated water bottle (as applicable) with you to bed, to make yourself more comfortable according to the temperature of the day.

The dim and cozy ambiance for your beauty sleep

A dim and darkened bedroom will enhance your body’s relaxation. If your partner needs to burn the midnight oil, either ask him/her to go in to another room or use eye masks and dimmer lighting for yourself. You can also use a bit of back light instead of turning the lights all the way down to help match your circadian cycle.

Get comfy and relax

beauty sleep comfort

A comfortable mattress, downy pillows, and a maybe some bedtime meditation techniques – essential elements for a relaxed and comfortable sleep at the end of a hectic day.

Apart from this, you can also try a bit of light body massage with warm oil before you go to sleep. However remember to take a shower to rub the oil down to avoid staining your beautiful bed sheets or comforter.

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