Feed the Idiot was started with a very clear vision. We want to bring clear feed of information that will help your idiot brain shine. Our information is meant to help your brain accumulate knowledge about health. The content on this website, is also meant for you to understand difficult heath concepts in a brilliantly simple manner. This way you can genuinely help your brain shine from without and within simultaneously.

Our aim

We have a simple aim – To bring health concepts to you with proper evidence and dressed in funny and interesting tones. Our intent has been explored through a variety of different content formats. And we continue to pursue these under the feed the idiot banner. We have a YouTube channel dedicated to creating unique videos for our health conscious audiences. We also have this website that explores independent topics as well as follows up on the topics that are covered in the YouTube channel. This is to give more detailed view of the content on the metaphorical page versus the screen.

Our vision

We have visualized feed the idiot to become a globally acknowledge health platform. Our information is 100% evidence backed and we do not drone on as dry health speakers. We are pumped and motivated in our content. We try to keep the tone fresh and full of humor so that you can not only enjoy learning about health concepts but also retain the information longer.

Feed The idiot Health Myth Busting

We also work widely to dispel popular health myths. This is because we believe that wrong information starts a whole host of health problems later on. You might be doing very simple mistakes in your daily diet and health maintenance. And in turn that is adversely affecting your fitness levels and you do not even know it. However, we understand that it is quite difficult to just take our word for it. So to help with the entire process we create content that also reflects our intense research on the subject. Don’t just blindly believe what we as. Read for yourself, experiments and studies that have been conducted by actual experts in major universities and medical institutions. You can also find a lot of mentions of true social media influencers and medical professionals whom we respect for fighting alongside us in bringing the true health information to light.

So follow our body of work on the website and also follow us on the Feed the Idiot YouTube channel. We love to hear from you at all times so whether you want to connect with us on our social media channels or drop a comment on the content on this website or on the YouTube channel, you are more than welcome to try out any of it.

We will always get back to you!