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Understanding the Role Of A Supermom – How To Embrace Your Superpower!

A working mother’s role is not one that can be taken for granted or be underestimated. It is a natural progression to the role of a supermom. We are all humans with certain skills and abilities. But they say motherhood is natural to all women and women always manage to embrace it so well.

All around the world, you will notice different rules and regulations around working mothers. Legislation and government laws differ everywhere in terms of incentives or parental leave laws etc. Governments are constantly seen changing rules to match the ever changing demands of the population as a result of more job opportunities. Even companies big or small are now making room for working mothers.

The role of a supermom

the role of a supermom

In this day and age, where everything is evolving so quickly and everything in life is so unstoppable there is constant debate over working moms. If the US statistics are to believed it shows women make up more than half of the workforce.

Ever wondered how mothers manage everything so easily such as cooking, cleaning and changing diapers all at the same time. This is what makes them super mothers.  New mothers like other women have either worked previously or have been running successful businesses.  They have been independent, care-free and very career oriented.

As women take a step towards motherhood, they naturally put a halt on work and career to become caring and loving mothers but never lose the drive to get back into the work force. Some women see it as a means of gaining back their confidence and financial freedom.

New mothers are often seen going through many emotions after giving birth. Some experience mild to severe post-natal depression which is a mood disorder related to childbirth. Women feel anxious, low in energy, irritable and cranky and also experience major mood swings. Hence, to conquer and combat such psychological and emotional concerns, women find respite in getting back to their own feet and returning to the work force.

It is surprising to find that working mothers are still considered a taboo in many parts of the world. They are often perceived to only raise their children and look after their home, their husband and kids. But things are slowly changing. Women are now being recognized for their daring attitude, their ability to manage work and home and most of all being career oriented. Now, as a mom you need to fit naturally in to the role of a supermom but you can do a few things to help ease your journey.

So, what do supermoms do?

Juggling a full time job, a career and your family is not easy. There are always some concerns that the working mothers experience and worry about constantly. Such as the child falling sick unexpectedly, neglecting child’s food and nutritional intake, strained emotional or sexual relationships with the partner, no time for family and lots of stress.

Below is a list of a few things that might help you in being that supermom and tackling these concerns:

Tackling guilt in the role of a supermom

Mothers often experience guilt as they feel they are neglecting their children while going for work. But, it is important you look at the bigger picture. That is that you are benefiting your family in many ways such as financially or your company might be offering some great perks and offers for your family members. Talk to friends, family or any support groups who can help tackle all such concerns and worries.

Best Quality Childcare is the foundation of the role of a supermom

Find the best quality childcare – be it a day care or a trustworthy baby sitter or some family members to look after your kids. Whatever it is that suits you and your budget and gives you that peace of mind once you away from work.


Make sure you are as organized as you can be. For example, mornings are always the busiest, so manage them well by organizing everything the night before. Such as the lunch boxes, breakfast preparations, clothes etc  

Clear Communication

Communicate with your employer your concerns and requirements in terms of timings and flexibility.

Consistent Accessibility even when in the role of a supermom

Stay in touch with family and friends or even at your child’s day care from work. Now days with advanced technology everything is accessible in just a click. But make sure you do not over obsess or over do this to avoid distractions at work.

Clear schedule is essential in the role of a supermom

Time everything and do not spend too much time on things other than work. Meaning once you are at work make sure you do not spend a lot of time thinking and talking to family and vice versa once you are home. Once you home make sure you give all your time and attention to your family.

Plan bonding activities

role of a supermom in family bonding

Plan special family outings whenever you get a chance. This will allow you to bond together as a family and give you a chance to unwind.

Spend quality time with your spouse

Do not forget to spend some quality time with your partner as it is important to have that spark and bond always alive. It will help you both to de-stress and relax at the same time and take your mind off the daily routine tasks and responsibilities.

Getting enough ” me ” time

Get enough “me time” which means away from family, work and kids! Yes, this is important for your peace of mind, a way of de-stressing and to relax. It might seem hard in the beginning but if you intend to control and manage everything you must be happy and calm yourself to be able to manage others.

Chore Sharing

Share chores with your partner and teach kids household duties and responsibilities. This will help you to delegate work and manage the house duties efficiently.

To-Do Lists to organize in the role of a supermom

Prepare things to do and any kind of to-do list! It is best to pen them down if you seem to forget anything important.

Be active constantly even in the role of a supermom

Be active and stay healthy by walking or running or hitting the local gym! This will help you build stamina and strength to carry out your daily tasks effectively.

Set your priorities

Supermom priorities

Prioritize what is important and what is not! You are not expected to do everything at once. So, take your time to identify what needs your attention first and then move to the next.

Based on your personal situation you must look for work that suits your needs and requirements. Speak with your partner and friends and family to ascertain what is best for you and when is the right time. There are many support groups for mothers where in you can share your concerns and receive some support. This might help in making the right and wise decision regarding your career while looking after your family.

There are many organizations that are open and flexible to the idea of working mothers or a mom looking at returning back to work. Some companies offer parent friendly policies be it in terms of benefits, maternity leave, kids scholarship programs, day care or crèche faculties and breastfeeding rooms and times. Some companies offer flexibility in working hours or provide work from home options.                                                                                                                                          IIn addition to this, companies also offer counseling or support groups for mothers to communicate and share their concerns

In conclusion

Work life balance

Some mothers chose to be home makers and some aim to be work and manage work and home. Whatever the choice, you are no less than a superwoman! Super mom’s claim it is not impossible to achieve a work life and family balance. They say organization might be the keyword here!

Do what is best for you. You will first need to identify and asses how much work you should do and what suits your family. You can look at working less hours or taking a full time position or even consider working from home! There is no limit as to how much work can a mother do or not given her family life. In fact this is a question of personal choice and whether you can balance your family life and your work at the same time. Once you have mastered the art you are most comfortable.  

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