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Why Your Body Type Should Lead the Exercise and Diet that You Follow?

You would be surprised at how many problems can be solved by knowing your body type. It helps in determining which sport will suit you, the food which would help you stay fit and so on.  Knowing your body type will also eliminate rejection. How? You can flatter your body and you will be amazed at the confidence it will give you.

No matter how hard some people try, they are unable to beat genetics – they find it next to impossible to change their body shape.  

If you are one of them, there are several ways you can try to boost your health and lose weight when you pay heed to your body type. It not only defines your personality but also tells you how your body would respond to food intake. Your body type also defines your metabolic rate.

Therefore, knowing your body type is essential when it comes to training your body and your diet.

diet for your body type

Different categories of body type:

•    Ectomorph

The body type characterized by lean bone and muscle framework, with difficulty in building muscles.

•    Endomorph

The body type which has a tendency to store body fat. Such a pear-shaped.

•    Mesomorph

The body type with high metabolism and responsive muscle cells. Well-built muscular structure.

1.    Ectomorph body type

People with this body type are lean and skinny, meaning, they have skinny limbs and a slender body. People belonging to this body type are good at processing carbohydrates and thus, have a high metabolic rate, which prevents them from gaining weight. But at the same time, they have difficulty in putting on muscle.

Ectomorphs have a very low amount of body fat.

If you are an Ectomorph

You have got a greater chance of building a career as a marathon runner because you are very lean.

What you should eat?
whole meal bread

Think nutrition. Plan a diet which is high in calories, proteins, and carbs and fat.

You have to consume fat forming foods such as nuts, seeds, avocados, oats, wholemeal bread, and potatoes. People with this body type should stick to consuming complex foodstuffs, such as sweet potatoes and brown rice. It is very important for ectomorphs to use supplements properly. They should regularly take a protein shake before or during their workout.

Exercises for an ectomorph

The best exercise for ectomorphs is the deadlift. Others like squats and benching would also go great for their physique. Taller ectomorphs might find squats and bench difficult. Hence, they should try leg press.

Dos and don’ts for Ectomorph


•    Train yourself diligently with composite moves.

•    Protein intake is compulsory.

•    Use separate moves as finishers.


•    Overstress separate moves.

•    Excessive cardio.

Ectomorphs mainly have to work more weights in order to get the desired physique.

2.    Endomorph body type

People with this body type are usually fuller and rounder. They have a great tendency to store a lot of fat. People with this body type find it difficult to live an active lifestyle as a result of challenges they encounter from not obtaining their desired body type. They are most often criticized and chided for their enormous body structure.  

They have a low metabolic rate and since they can store fat at large, they have a tendency to gain weight very fast. People with this body type might get frustrated with unsuccessful attempts at reducing body weight and that’s why they get fed-up and lazy.

But once they understand their body type, and plan or execute a good diet and exercise chart, it gets easier to obtain results and achieve overall success on their fitness. 

The endomorph is definitely the hardest body type to manage with regards to weight, overall fitness and health. People with the endomorph body structure should focus on developing their shoulders and should try to do away with the excess fat from in lower body. A low-medium intensity cardio plan will help to shift fat.

If you are an Endomorph?

If you are an endomorph you must be having trouble in shifting your weight. This is usually due to a higher volume of stored fat, and it is characterized by a wider waist, and a comparatively larger bone structure.

What endomorphs should be doing?

•    Focus on shedding fat via aerobic exercise

•    Undergo four weeks of hypertrophy training

•    Weight training as it helps in burning calories

•    Plan a workout split such as upper body hypertrophy on Monday, lower-body conditioning on Tuesday and so on. This is to weight train all parts of your body.

upper body hypertrophy
What you should eat?

Endomorphs should focus on a low-carb diet which includes nutrition such as oats, brown rice and etc. rich in protein and fibre. Other nutrients such as green tea and spinach will also help people with this body type to burn excessive fat.

If you are an endomorph, you should be stricter with your diet and exercise unlike other body types. Eat more of vegetable and as much as possible avoid refined carbs like white bread or rice. Avoid a diet with high carbs so as to reduce the fat intake. Increase carbs only if you see some progress. You should also avoid sports drinks.

Various studies have proved, that excessive weight leads to high-stress levels in people with this body type. Therefore, they should try to minimise their stress levels by getting plenty of sleep. They should relax and should also avoid overtraining.

Exercises for endomorphs

People with the endomorph body structure – it’s time for you to get used to your body and start using it in the right manner. Do exercises like the press-up or chin-up in order to burn more calories faster?

Dos and don’ts for endomorphs 


•    Train yourself with intensity.

•    Keep a regular check of your carb intake.

•    Build your shoulders.


•    Do crunches.

•    Jog for hours, until you get tired.

•    Consume plenty of sport drinks.

3. Mesomorph body type

The mesomorph body type is the best one. People with this type don’t have any trouble adding new muscle to their body.  They usually have a tendency to store body fat at a very low capacity. Mesomorphs should follow a good progressive plan which will make them definitely more athletic and even stronger. They should focus on increasing the muscle power.

mesomorph body type
If you are a Mesomorph?

If you have the mesomorph body type, you might be getting jealous looks very frequently. All mesomorphs are well-built even if they don’t hit the gym.

You can take the best advantage of your genetics with some calculated workout tricks and hacks.

A research conducted on all body types showed that the mesomorphs were on a healthy spike with fitness up to 65%.

What should Mesomorphs be doing?

Despite being the sexiest and the fittest, mesomorphs should keep themselves occupied with exercises such as racing, jumps, etc.  

Since people with this body type respond very well to all the low repetitions and selected power moves, they should try these out too. Moves like sprints and pump ups will help them to improve their metabolic process and even in stripping away fat.

What you should eat?
fitness and nutrition

The mesomorph body type responds well to all healthy food. So the good news is that people with this body type can eat a moderate amount of carbs and they can consume up to 40% complex carbohydrates apart from their usual quota of 30% lean protein. You can also include about 30% healthy fats in to your regular diet. Hence, vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, lean protein such as grilled chicken and healthy fat like olive oil with complex carbs like wholegrain bread, this type of combination would probably work best for this body type.

Mesomorphs respond well to exercises. Athletic workouts would be adding more to the health and fitness of people belonging to this body type. Since workouts help you move every part of your body which in turn helps in staving off muscles soreness and facilitate blood movement. Blooding flowing in your body helps you to stay fresh.

Exercises for mesomorph

People with the mesomorph body type usually respond well to what you can call power moves. For example, superset five reps on the deadlift will definitely stretch your muscles.

Do and don’ts for mesomorph


•    Train yourself like an athlete.

•    Schedule your workouts.

•    Set personal goals and stay fit.


•    Take your body and figure maintenance for granted.

•    Show off and make others jealous.

•    Eat fast food a lot.

•    Disregard a healthy lifestyle.

What’s the best way to train for your body type?

Only if you know what you want and if your goals are clear can you get the most of success. Many bodybuilders and fitness freak struggle with their weight but eventually, they learn to overcome health issues and take control of their life. 

If they can, then why not you? Of course, you can!

All you need to do is to take your body type seriously and use it to your advantage.

•    Ectomorph- If you have this body type, eat a lot of protein and carbs. Lift heavy gym tools regularly. Remember not to do aerobic activities. Being thin and lean is not optimal. Just because you’re thin doesn’t mean you’re healthy.  Accordingly, take the right diet. Ensure that you take your exercises seriously and follow a regular routine.   

•    Endomorph – If you have this body type, don’t worry about getting bulky. Make sure that you don’t allow fat creep into your body without you noticing. In order to lose weight, lift moderate and engage yourself in aerobic exercise regularly. 

•    Mesomorph – If you have this body type, you are the luckiest. You may benefit from using moderate weights to eating almost anything rich in nutrient.

Eating for all body types


  • 1 palm full of protein rich foods in case of ectomorph, 2 in endomorph and 2 in mesomorph.
  • 2 fists of vegetables at each meal in case of ectomorph, 2 in endomorph and 2 in mesomorph.
  • 3 cupped handfuls of carb heavy food in case of ectomorph, 1 endomorph and 2 in mesomorph.


  • 1 palm full of protein rich foods at each meal in case of ectomorph, 1 endomorph and 1 in mesomorph.
  • 1 fist of vegetables at each meal in case of ectomorph, 1 endomorph and 1 in mesomorph.
  • 2 cupped handful carb heavy foods at each meal in case of ectomorph, 0.5 in endomorph and 1 in mesomorph.

This comprehensive guide on eating and exercising according to your body type is meant to give you a clear picture. You can now understand your body better. This will help you concentrate your exercises and diet routines correctly to give you targeted and fast results for better body fitness.

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